Windows 10 Guidebook: A tour into the future of computing

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Please follow the steps in Activation to upgrade the program to Pro version. To make Advanced SystemCare 12 work exactly in the way you expect, you can configure the Settings for Advanced SystemCare 12 according to your own needs and habits. Note: Do not forget to click the Apply or OK button to save your own settings.

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Note: Before you perform a scan, it is highly recommended to go to Settings and choose your preferred settings carefully to avoid any unexpected situations. Please do not forget to click the Apply or OK button to save your configuration. This module is designed to optimize startup items to shorten PC boot time. After a scan is finished, you can click Startup items on the left to see the details of all startup items. Then, you can select the startup items that you want to disable and click the Fix button to disable them for faster system startup.

This module is designed to erase your activity history and surfing traces to keep your PC clean and safe. Please close your running browsers before cleaning surfing traces, otherwise, they cannot be cleaned thoroughly. This module is designed to help you scan and repair invalid shortcuts on your computer.

After a scan is finished, you can check the problems in detail. You also have the right-click menu to deal with the scan result like Jump to location to see where the shortcut is located and decide if you want to fix it. This module is designed to clean up registry in depth, remove registry junk safely, and compact registry bloat to improve PC performance significantly.

This module is designed to detect and remove spyware and other security threats thoroughly. After a scan is finished, you can check the problems found in detail. This module is designed to fully optimize system performance by unleashing the built-in power of your system, based on how you use your PC. This module is designed to scan for Windows vulnerabilities in your computer, download hot-patches directly from Microsoft server and then install them on your computer automatically. Tick the checkbox for Select All or only tick the checkbox for the items you want to scan, then click the SCAN button in the center of the program to start a scan.

Tick Automatically fix to let the program always fix the problems automatically after scan. Before clicking the Fix button, you can also click each item under Summary to view the problems in detail.

Windows 10: A cheat sheet

If you do not want to fix an item, just right click on the item to select Ignore to add it into the Ignore List. Then the item will not be scanned out in future. If you want to re-scan and fix the ignored items, or update ignored hotpatches, go to Ignore List or Vulnerability Fix in Settings, and remove them from Ignore List or Vulnerability Fix. Next time, they will be scanned out for fixing. Turbo Boost helps optimize and speed up your computer by disabling the unnecessary services and background apps.

Or you can select Auto Start to keep it always boosting your PC. Note: Auto Start only show up when the cursor is on the Turbo Boost module. Work Mode will boost your computer for better work experience. Game Mode can boost your computer much deeply for gaming. And Economy Mode can boost your computer for better performance with minimal power consumption to extend laptop's battery life.

In Advanced SystemCare 12, you can switch among these 3 modes quickly if you move the mouse on the downward arrow on the Turn On or Turn Off button. Advanced Settings will show up at the bottome of this mode when the cursor is on a certain mode. You can choose the items you want to turn off under each label according to your needs after clicking System Services , Non-Windows Services , and Background Apps. Then click the Boost button to turn on Turbo Boost with your configuration. Note: Please view all processes and services carefully to make sure that the necessary processes and services are not selected to be stopped.

Hardware Accelerate helps update outdated drivers, install missing drivers, and fix incorrect drivers to speed up PC and increase system stability. By clicking Check Now , it will pre-scan for outdated drivers. But to update outdated drivers, you need to click the Install Now button to install Driver Booster, another great IObit product, on your computer. If you already have Driver Booster installed, clicking the Manage button to scan and update outdated drivers with Driver Booster.

Deep Optimization helps boost your PC performance by optimizing hard disk, network and system in Registry. Click Optimize All to optimize all recommended items, or you can click Details to configure your own settings. It detects secret accesses to your sensitive data and automatically block the accesses from untrusted programs. Thus, it can not only help you clear your browsing data, but also prevent web pages from stealing your digital fingerprint.

It protects your computer against spyware in real-time. This function is designed to work proactively and lightly in the background without affecting your work. It automatically catches intruders who are secretly accessing your PC and prying into your privacy with new facial recognition technology. A camera is required to turn on this protection. Once the camera is connected, if you are a new user or have not used this protection before, you need to download and install the protection first, and then turn it on to get started.

During the process of creating your face model, please keep looking directly at your camera and make sure your face is in the frame. Or you can click Try Again to recreate your face model. After clicking OK, you will get the Protected screen below. You can also click the text link Improve recognition to add more face models like left or right side of your face, wearing glasses, or in different light conditions, to improve the recognition of you.

Researched. Trusted.

You can create 5 face models in total. However, you can remove your face model after clicking the downward arrow on the Turn Off button. Then you can check who accessed your computer in Intruders. You can also configure FaceID settings as per your needs. Trusted Users : It displays the users who you marked them as trusted ones in Intruders. Notification : You can choose whether to notify you when you log in your computer again after intruders accessed your computer. It protects your browsers from various online threats to secure your online surfing, and keeps you undisturbed from annoying ads on webpages.

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If you want to block some websites, you can add their URLs to Surfing Protection Blacklist , and then these websites can not be visited. If you want to keep ads on some websites, you can add these websites' URLs to Ads Removal Whitelist , then the ads on those websites will not be blocked.

How to build a PC: a step-by-step guide to building the best PC

It monitors any changes to your browser homepage and search engine, and notifies you to undo the changes to prevent malicious modifications. The tools marked with Pro are only available for paid customers. And some tools need to be downloaded when you can use them for the first time. You can click the heart icon on each tool to mark it as your favorite.

You need to download them first before using them. Note: Click the product name below to get more information of the program. IObit Uninstaller. IObit Uninstaller is a perfect uninstallation tool. It adds the support of monitor program installations in real time and provides an easy way to uninstall bundleware. The newly added Easy Uninstall allows you to quickly uninstall a program from its opened window, desktop icon, or system tray icon.

Driver Booster. Before long, you'll be the proud owner of one of the best PCs , one that you've built with your own hands. Although a single phillips screwdriver is all you need to construct a PC, you may want a few more things on hand just in case.

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For example, needle nose pliers or a simple pair of tweezers may come in handy to place screws into tight places or retrieve them. Just do yourself a favor and discharge any latent electricity by placing your hand on metal, like your PC case or power supply. You should also have a power socket and internet connection available. These components are also exactly what you need to construct an modest — if a little last generation — gaming PC.

click Remove every panel that you can, and store them in a safe place inside the case box is the best bet. We recommend using a bowl or a magnetic parts tray if you want to be fancy to hold your screws throughout your PC building process. Typically you want two fans in the front drawing air in and at least one in the rear blowing air out. You could also screw one or two more optional fans into the roof of the PC case for additional exhaust, if your PC case has mounting points for them. Check for pre-installed motherboard standoffs, ensure the number and arrangement of them conforms to the holes found on your motherboard.

Next up, socket your CPU into the motherboard. For Intel mainstream CPUs, slide the spring loaded retention arm out and up, then lift the bracket up leaving the plastic cover in place. Then, gently place your CPU inside the socket, matching the golden triangle located on the bottom left corner of the processor, with the triangle on the socket bracket. For the next step, you should slide the securing bracket back into its original position so it locks in place underneath the screw, and secure the retention arm back down.

During this process the protective plastic cover should pop off, so don't freak out if it comes flying at you.

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Be sure to stow the cover away in a safe place as it'll protect the motherboard's sensitive pins if you decide to remove the processor from the motherboard.