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I bow to the Guru who is the indwelling Shiva, whose form is being, consciousness and bliss, who is transcendent, calm, free from all support and luminous.

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Muktaanandaaya gurave shishya-samsaara-haarine bhakta-kaaryaika-dehaaya namaste chit-sadaatmane Salutations to the Guru Muktananda who rescues his disciples from transmigration who has assumed a body to meet the needs of his devotees whose nature is consciousness and existence Hetave jagataameva samsaaraarnava-setave prabhave sarva-vidyaanam shambhave gurave namah The Guru is the only cause, the ultimate source and the bridge that carries you across this world.

Bow to the one with all knowledge. Guru Gita 33 Gurur-brahmaa gurur-vishnur gururdevo maheshvarah guru-sakshat parabrahma tasmai shree-gurave namah Guru is the creative force brahma Guru is the sustaining force vishnu Guru is the destructive force shiva Guru is truly the supreme reality parabrahman I bow with heartfelt gratitude to my honored Guru.

OM svaroopa svasvabhavah namo namah I bow again and again to the inherent essence of beingness, within myself and within all existence. He saw that Ramanand Swami was attending on Maharaj. Shitaldas returned from the trance and narrated this story to all those present in the conference. All had the Darshan of the Akshardham, and the Master of Akshardham. Then they awoke from the trance. They bowed down their heads to God. The search for Shitaldas was over. Maharaj initiat ed him with a new name of Vyapakanand.

Find out more about how this website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. It is a sound or a series of sounds given to a Yoga student or disciple to remember constantly for a specific spiritual purpose. In our interior map of the web of consciousness, the energy of consciousness takes two forms: sound and light.

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At a certain stage the sound and the light energy are entwined or unified. At the present stage of our development, they are experienced differently from each other, so we begin with the sound of a mantra. The initiation into light comes a little later. Initially there are two aspects to mantra that need to be understood: One aspect is that it is a syllabic combination forming a sound that has a particular effect on the mind, especially if it is repeated mentally, and the second aspect is its meaning.

We can go a little further. This entire universe is run by conscious forces, some like to call them angels, deities, incarnations, manifestations of God and so forth. The sounds of the mantras are representative of these specific forms or aspects of consciousness. So in the Tradition we think of the mantras as though they were sonar forms of the forces of divinity. There are some traditions in the Christian religion also, among the Sufis, or in the Jewish Kabbalistic tradition where it is said that the name of God is God Himself.

They are not quite as effective as a personal mantra though. When a personal mantra , called a diksha initiatory or guru mantra , is given, it is like taking a drop from the universal mind of the Tradition and planting that drop, that seed, into the initiate mind. It is called initiation because, however small it might be, some form of energy is passed on down the lineage from disciple to disciple to disciple to the recipient. In the Brhad-aranyaka Upanishad, dated circa 14th century B. So mantras are sounds, thoughts, words, given as a revelation within the consciousness of the ancient rishis sages in the highest state of samadhi , the ultimate meditation.

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The mantras are awakened within the soul as a revelation; then they are passed down the line. There are different mantras for different people. How does this work? Here we should talk a little about the history of the Yoga tradition. Where does TM fit into the Yoga tradition? It certainly is not a Sanskrit word. It's a translation for something else.

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About B. People migrating from many directions spread out, cut down some forests and settled down and established cities and religions. But some who were deeply philosophical withdrew from all that and went out and made their hermitages in the forests and the caves of the mountains. They undertook for themselves a process of self-conquest, self-exploration. When people got tired of the villages and the cities and they wanted some peace of mind, they went to visit these hermit teachers, these great masters, and stayed at their feet for awhile and received some peace of mind, some direction and some wisdom, and then they came back out into the towns and villages and resumed their normal worldly life.

Some of these hermitages became great universities. For example, Alexander of Macedonia, who invaded India in the fourth century B. But learning was not divorced from spirituality. It always involved training of character. The great masters of the Himalayas, who were the founders of the Yoga system, through whose intuitive knowledge and wisdom the teaching was and is still being passed on, in addition to their intuitive knowledge, made experiments on themselves. The kinds of thoughts we think, create our personalities.

Usually we do not hold on to any single thought. We don't think consistently. Our thoughts are helter-skelter, haphazard. The practice of mantra is the practice of taking one single thought and dwelling on that one thought consistently so that it will have a certain impact on the mind.

Swami Mantra by Dalal Sam, Used, First Edition

Nowadays most people are taught to begin with simple ones and then are given more complex mantras to practice for a specific period of time. Once in awhile, for a period of time, a mantra may be practiced with an internal concentration, or with fire offerings which makes it ten times more intense, 4 so as to obtain a certain spiritual result. It is a way of imprinting one particular thought in the mind.

Through that imprint, somewhere a door will open, and wherever the seeker happens to be, his next step will come a little bit closer. A mantra is a syllable or series of syllables appropriate for an individual person. How do you choose a mantra for me? First of all, who are you?

tiebufancocen.tk Many people identify with their names and think that they are their names, but your name is not you. Where did your name come from? Supposing you are born in a very advanced civilization years from now where people have only numbers, or where everybody has to keep their name secret. There are all kinds of possibilities. Mary, do this.

Mary, do that. Your name is not you, okay? At the time of initiation itself, the student is asked to bring a gift of fruit and flowers along with dakshina a monetary offering to the guru lineage. The idea of the mantra is to have a special word within you. Some schools say to use it only twenty minutes a day, but with the method being taught in the Raja-yoga Tradition as taught by Swami Rama, your mantra becomes your personal friend. You keep your mantra in your mind at all times: standing at a bus stop, waiting for an appointment, driving a car, whenever you are in need of centering.

Your mantra is yours; it is with you.

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  • It's one word, one phrase that should remain with you at all times. You see, at present you have many random thoughts and impressions in your mind, everything that you have gathered from outside. Something from outside may excite you, or aggravate you, or disturb you, or make you afraid. But the mantra is something that is internal to you.

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    • It's something from within. So while the whole world is bombarding you with disturbing impressions, there is something within you that remains your permanent focus from which you should not move. It takes time to practice and master it that way. But it becomes a quiet friend where you can find some recourse to counter all the excitations and agitations being thrown at you.

      When you let the mantra be remembered often enough, it becomes part of your subconscious mind. The mantra can be your door to meditation because it is the focus, the focal point. The practice of mantra becomes the meditation. After a mantra is received, it is kept secret. Keep your mantra a secret and practice, practice, practice.

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      There are many progressively refined steps involved in the mental practice of mantra , and these are taught gradually. The secrecy you keep is a form of mauna , a practice of silence.

      Swami Samarth Jap Mantra 108 Times - Swami Samartha Jaap - Maharaj Shri Swami Samartha

      The mantra is for inward absorption only. A word spoken is power lost.